Property investment strategy and advice

We get that property investment is a big move, and so we want to provide you with a comprehensive strategic approach which includes careful consideration and detailed planning.

Our property advisors will provide you with a tailored property investment strategy, leading you towards a successful property portfolio and wealth generation through real estate investment.

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The Wealth 360° Strategy Session
Let us tailor a wholistic property investment strategy for your unique needs and aspirations. A Strategy Session with one of our property advisors is the ideal place to start your investment journey - helping you to plan your entire financial journey, not just your property investments.
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What will you get from a Strategy Session?
Tailoring an investment plan just for you
When in comes to property investment strategy, we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach. We are known for our out-of-the-box solutions, designed to maximise an individuals property investment potential.

Our property strategist takes the time to review your income, savings, liabilities, lifestyle and family considerations to develop a comprehensive package that matches your financial circumstances. This forms the groundwork of a well-rounded plan that works for you.
Goal setting and planning
Once we have thoroughly reviewed your financial and lifestyle context, we work with you to discover specific, achievable short and long-term goals - forming the basis of your strategy for property investment.

As a buyer's agency, we believe that our seamless property investment service should serve your broader lifestyle and financial aspirations. Our team collaborates with you to understand your priorities, evaluate your goals, and develop a realistic plan to achieve them.
Managing investment risk
When it comes to property acquisition, we understand that these investments come with inherent risks.

Our property investment advisors have many decades of experience in research, due-diligence and minimizing risk while maximising returns.

A Wealth 360° property strategist will assess your risk appetite, and focus only on the tactics and property investment strategies most aligned with you - so you don't bite off more than you can chew.

Furthermore, a core part of our strategy and protection to you, is to negotiate properties below market value - providing an equity buffer in case you do need to make a quick exit.

Factoring in the current market
Our approach to property investment considers market factors such as finance policy, government schemes, legislation, taxes, macro and micro-economic factors.

By overlaying these on your strategic analysis, adjustments can be made to your investment strategy, allowing you to capitalize on unique opportunities or 'sweet spots' to take your investment dollar even further.
Fast-tracking your portfolio growth
We know that many of our clients such as doctors, recent migrants or those preparing for retirement want to fast-track their property acquisitions and portfolio growth.

We incorporate tactics such as low deposit deals, equity utilization and finance coaching to accelerate your progress

This enables us to tailor an investment plan that lives up to your needs and aspirations while overcoming perceived personal limitations.

Removing roadblocks to growth
A well-balanced portfolio structure is the key to successful long term wealth creation in real estate.

We help you achieve this by balancing capital gain (equity) and cash flow to service loans.

But we don't stop there. We provide strategic recommendations on ownership structures, finance strategies and define a unique investment strategy, or mix of strategies most suitable for you - to prevent and further unwanted roadblocks to progress.

By tapping into our vast experience in creating property investment strategies, we can help our customers grow their property portfolios faster, further and with less hassle.

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Where other buyer's agencies only focus on finding and negotiating properties, at our Strategy Session, you can expect a comprehensive approach that considers your personal circumstances, goals, and financial situation.

We prioritize holistic overview ahead of property acquisition, which allows us to create a tailored plan that suits your unique needs, enabling you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals with ease.

Start your journey towards realizing your property investment goals with us! Reach out to book your FREE strategy session today.

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What strategies should I use to maximize my return on investment in property?
To maximize your return on investment, consider the following strategies: research and select high-growth areas, focus on properties with value-add potential, maintain a diversified to hedge against risks, negotiate effectively during purchase, and optimize rental income through effective property management. Additionally, stay informed about market trends and policy changes that may impact your investments.
How can I diversify my portfolio of investments in real estate?
Diversifying your investment portfolio is a good idea to reduce risk, however sometimes it can reduce your potential gains too. We believe that investing in blue-chip metro areas gives the best hedge against risk, while optimizing reward. Within this diversification can be applied to tactical approaches such as buy-and-hold, flip, develop, subdivide, apartments and homes.
What tax benefits are available for investing in real estate?
Tax benefits vary depending on jurisdiction but may include deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, depreciation of the asset over time, repair, and maintenance costs as well as other investment-related expenses. Our property strategist can provide you an overview of what is likely to be beneficial to your strategy, so you can further consult with your accountant.
What are the risks associated with investing in property?
Risks associated with property investments include market fluctuations affecting capital growth or rental yields; unexpected maintenance costs; vacancy periods resulting in loss of rental income; natural disasters damaging properties; legislative changes impacting tax benefits or ownership rights; interest rate increases raising borrowing costs; and poor tenant selection leading to issues like non-payment or damage to the property. A sound strategy will control these risks.
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