Empowering Individuals
To Pursue Their Dreams
Without Compromise

Who Are We?

Wealth 360° is about more than money. We are invested in your success and long-term partnership.

Our experienced team is proud to hold a reputation of trust, integrity, and having the extra care factor.

As experienced investment strategists, we can leverage our large network of industry contacts and scale to source the best deals on and off the market.

Madhu Ramana

As the lead investment strategist, Madhu brings decades of experience in the Finance, Real Estate, and Investment industries working with prominent high net-worth individuals and leading property investors. Madhu provides strategic guidance to our clients.

Yesim Sepek

Heading up operations, Yesim's responsibility is to manage the Wealth 360 customer service team to make sure each property transaction progresses smoothly. As an accredited mortgage broker, Yesim is also able to assist clients with their finance needs.

Derya Sepek

As the main face of customer service and sales, Derya manages the seamless flow of information between internal and external parties to make sure you have all the information you need at each step of your journey.

Shruthi Yajaman

In charge with managing accounts and administration, Shruthi is available to assist you with any accounts or general administration matters.

Investment With A Purpose

Wealth 360° is part of the Global 360° group, a social enterprise dedicated to a larger vision and humanitarian mission.

That’s why we are firmly invested in financially empowering good people to pursue their own altruistic mission.

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Our Impact

We pledge at least 1% of our revenue to humanitarian initiatives.

These funds support women’s and children’s rights, women’s empowerment, and access to healthcare, and education for the underprivileged.

We support and encourage our clients to partner with us and help the underprivileged.


Child Welfare

Healthcare Access


Partnering For The Greater Good

Our partners are not only passionate about property, they have also invested in helping others and make a positive impact to their community.

Dr Sanjay Suryavanshi

Devadason Kunasagaram

Balaji Prasad

Nagesh Sharma

Dr Niranjan Gangaiah

Dr Rajendra Kokkarne

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