Tips and Tricks on Finding a Good Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

September 20, 2021

The real estate market in Sydney is booming and there’s a huge opportunity to invest in property to build wealth. But, the best way to do it is with the expertise of a buyer’s agent on your side. Still, how do you find a good buyer’s agent in Sydney?
Never fear because these simple tips and tricks can help you go from DIY house hunter to top-tier real estate investor in no time by finding the right buyer’s agent for you.

Know What You Want

As with anything, you can get what you want until you know what you want. The same is true when you’re trying to find a good buyer’s agent in Sydney.

So, take some time to clarify what exactly you’re after and some specifics you might have that a buyer’s agent can help you with. After all, you probably won’t be looking for a buyer’s agent with nothing in mind.

Some important questions you might want to ask yourself include:

  • What’s my property budget? What are my full financial considerations?
  • What suburb am I looking to buy a property in?
  • What type of person am I hoping to work with?
  • Do I want to live in this property or is it an investment that I plan to rent out?
  • Do I want to buy residential property or commercial property?

Asking yourself questions like these can help you have a more solid idea about what you want and, therefore, it can help you find the best buyer’s agent who can assist you in getting to that end goal.

Buying property isn’t something you do on a whim. So, think it through before you even start searching for a buyer’s agent to help you.

Search Big and Small Names

Next, once you’ve clarified what it is that you’re looking for in terms of the type of property you want to buy and how much you’re willing to spend on that property, it’s time to start the research phase.

A simple internet search is sure to bring up a ton of results so it’ll be key to use your clarifications from the first step to help narrow things down.

For example, if you’re looking for a buyer’s agent in Sydney, you may want to zero in on buyer’s agents who have experience in the specific suburbs you’re interested in. Or if you want to buy land and build a property, you’ll want to work with a buyer’s agent who specialises in house and land packages.

It’s also smart to talk to family and friends about their experiences with certain buyer’s agents if they’ve worked with one before.

Just don’t spend too long searching through the minutiae at this stage. Doing your research simply means seeing what’s out there and shortlisting the buyer’s agents that actually make sense to work with.

Clarify Your Expectations

Now that you have a solid list of potential buyer’s agents that you’re interested in, be sure to clarify your expectations. In this step, it’s not so much about clarifying the expectations of the buyer’s agent (which we’ll talk about more in the next stage) but more so with yourself.

Many home buyers want the perfect house for the perfect price in the perfect location at the perfect time. Sadly enough, perfection doesn’t necessarily exist, especially in real estate.

So, be sure to set your expectations to a realistic level and remain open to advice and expert opinions. At the end of the day, who knows… you may get something completely different from what you expected and it can turn out to be even better than anything you could’ve dreamed up.

Clarify to yourself that lofty expectations often lead to disappointment. Keep an open mind and expect only to have an honest relationship with your buyer’s agent who will show you options and ideas that may have never even crossed your mind.

Compare Prices and Values

Once you’re ready to make a decision, it’s time to set up a few consultations with the buyer’s agents who have made it to the top of your list. This is your chance to compare prices and ask questions to understand who they are and what they’re about.

Make sure you ask about:

  • Fees and how they charge their clients
  • Past experience and track record
  • Specialties and expertise in specific areas
  • Values and why they do what they do

Perhaps you prefer a flat fee versus promising a commission on the final purchase. Maybe you want a buyer’s agent who specialises in new builds or premium apartments. You’ll also want to ensure their values match your own so that you can feel like you’re on the same team working towards the same end goal.

By comparing prices and assessing a buyer’s agent's values, you’ll have a better chance of finding a buyer’s agent that truly works for you. 

When you work with a buyer’s agent at Wealth 360°, we’re committed to helping you build wealth for your family and your community. Interested to see if we could be the right buyer’s agents for you? Contact us today and set up a consultation!

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