Average Buyer’s Agent Fees in Sydney

August 7, 2021

When you decide you’re ready to start investing in property, the thought of working with a buyer’s agent will likely cross your mind. Are you still not sure how much a buyer’s agent in Sydney costs or whether it’s worth it?

Here, we’re going over what buyer’s agents can do for you in the property-buying process, the average buyer’s agent fees in Sydney and why working with a buyer’s agent is undoubtedly worth it.

What do buyer’s agents charge for?

Before we get into average buyer’s agent fees in Sydney, let’s discuss what buyer’s agents are charging for in the first place. 

Buyer’s Agents Do It All

First of all, buyer’s agents do all the work of buying a property for you. And if you’ve never purchased a home before, this is no small feat. Buyer’s agents do everything from finding potential properties that fit your needs to negotiating with the sellers to ensure you get a great dea and guiding you through the settlement processl. When you work with a buyer’s agent Sydney-wide, you’ll save time and money in this way.

Buyer’s Agents Offer Peace of Mind

Next, buyer’s agents offer invaluable peace of mind. It’s no secret that buying a house is stressful. There’s a lot on the line and it’s probably not only one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make but it’s likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make too. So, you’ll definitely want an expert on your side who can help advise you on the steps to take when the going gets tough.

Buyer’s Agents Offer Advice and Connections

Finally, you’ll get knowledgeable advice and quality connections by working with a buyer’s agent in Sydney. Buyer’s agents live and breathe the real estate industry and they’re always on top of the most recent changes and happenings in the market. Plus, you’ll have access to their network of lenders, contractors, lawyers and more to help you at every stage of the home-buying process. 

Average Buyer’s Agent Fees in Sydney

So, what is the average buyer’s agent fee in Sydney for all of these incredible services?

Well, that depends on how your buyer’s agent charges their fees. Let’s go through them one at a time.

Some buyer’s agents charge their fees is through a commission. In Sydney, the average buyer’s agent commission fee is between 1.5% to 3% of the final property purchase price. On the other hand, if your buyer’s agent charges a fixed rate, the average buyer’s agent fee in Sydney ranges between $8,000 to $21,000 with an average of $14,500.

Since Sydney is a relatively expensive city to live in, most buyers opt for buyer’s agents who offer a fixed fee. 

Although both commission fee structures and fixed fees tend to even out to about the same average price, you’ll know that you can trust the advice of a buyer’s agent in Sydney who offers a fixed fee since there’s no chance that they’d suggest a property with a higher price tag just for the extra commission.

All in all, these average buyer’s agent fees are certainly fair considering they do most of the work of helping you buy a home for only a small fraction of the cost of the asset. Especially if you’re able to get a better deal with a buyer’s agent, it’s a no-brainer.

Is it really worth it?

Yes, the average buyer’s agent fee is worth it. For the amount of work they do to secure the best deals and help make the home-buying process smooth and effortless, many clients are happy to pay their buyer’s agent’s fees, especially if they understand how much money they saved by hiring one. 

In fact, at Wealth 360°, our buyer’s agents have been known to even make money for our clients during negotiations. 

While some might argue that, on the surface, buyer’s agents have expensive fees, a better way to think about it is not how much you spend when you work with a buyer’s agent, but how much you have to lose by not working with a buyer’s agent. 

Everything has a cost, whether that’s time lost, money lost or opportunities lost by not investing in the experts. And for a small percentage of the cost of the property you buy, you can avoid many of these losses by using a buyer’s agent in Sydney. 

Interested in building your investment property portfolio? Contact Wealth 360° today!

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