Are Buyer Agent Fees Negotiable?

June 3, 2021

Sometimes, buyer’s agent Sydney fees will be negotiable, but at Wealth 360° our fees are strictly non-negotiable.

While on the surface, that fact may seem a little harsh (although most businesses operate this way), we think there are good reasons for non-negotiable buyer’s agent fees that benefit both our buyer’s agents and you, the buyer.

Here, we’re going over what buyer’s agents do, how much buyer’s agent Sydney fees are and why we think it’s best that they remain non-negotiable.

What does a buyer’s agent do?

To better understand why buyer’s agents charge non-negotiable fees, let’s first go into what exactly a buyer’s agent does.

Buyer’s agents advocate on behalf of the buyer in the process of purchasing a property. They do everything from finding available properties (including hidden gems and off-market options) to negotiating contracts to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

In short, buyer’s agents are real estates experts that help you buy a property by making more informed decisions with a strategic focus from start to finish. They’ll help you find, vet, negotiate and close on a property while offering expertise and advice every step of the way.

The main benefits of working with a buyer’s agent include:

  • Saving time since the buyer’s agent does most of the time-consuming work
  • Saving money as buyer’s agents are more likely to secure more lucrative deals for their clients than if they were to purchase a property on their own
  • Data-driven investment strategies for better reliability and higher chances of investment success
  • lExpert knowledge and experience to help buyers make decisions every step of the way
  • Peace of mind by having a real estate expert on your side

At the end of the day, your buyer’s agent Sydney fees cover an awful lot for a fraction of the amount you’ll be spending on your future property itself. To us, it’s clear that buyer’s agents are well-worth their fees.

How much are buyer’s agent fees?

Buyer’s agent fees vary, but most fall into a similar bracket. In Sydney, most buyer’s agents charge their fees either through a commission-based structure or as a fixed fee.

The average commission that Sydney buyer’s agents take is anywhere between 1.5% and 3% of the final sale price of your property.

As for fixed fees, some buyer’s agents operating on a tiered structure where lower property sale prices call for lower fixed fees and higher sale prices have higher fixed fees.

Here at Wealth 360°, we offer most of our clients a reliable flat fee, unless you’re buying a super specific type of property in the millions, like large areas of land for development or luxury homes. We feel this structure makes it easier for most buyers to budget properly and feel firm about the decision to work with us.

Why are buyer’s agent fees non-negotiable?

In most, but not all cases, buyer’s agent Sydney fees are non-negotiable and we can only speak for ourselves when we explain why our fixed fees are what they are.

Buying property takes time and there are a lot of moving parts. To avoid confusion and make the process more streamlined, we offer an upfront flat fee that stays the same no matter how long the process takes.

Keep in mind, real estate is a dynamic market and things can change in the blink of an eye. The reason we keep our fees non-negotiable creates a win-win scenario.

On your end, you won’t be blindsided by additional fees when a contract falls through or a property ends up selling for more than you planned to pay. As opposed to a commission-based fee structure or negotiable fees, our fixed fees stay constant to give you something to rely on a huge benefit when it comes to budgeting for such a big purchase.

On our end, it allows us to offer better value to our clients when we know that we’ve both agreed on a fee that won’t change. All in all, it’s about offering as much stability as possible in such an unstable market. Non-negotiable fees give both our buyer’s agents and our clients a firm footing from the get-go.

Want to learn more about our fixed fees? Contact Wealth 360° today and set up a consultation.

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