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Our client, an advanced investor with a keen eye for lucrative opportunities, approached our real estate agency in search of a property to augment his investment portfolio. With a focus on maximizing cash flow, tax efficiency and capital appreciation, he sought a high-quality asset in an area with robust growth potential.

Client Objectives:

Investment Quality: Seeking a property that offered strong potential for capital appreciation and steady rental income.

Strategic Location: Interested in an area with promising growth prospects and burgeoning economic activity.

Apartment Investment: Preferring an apartment for its potential for favorable cash flow and tax benefits such as depreciation.

Quality Features: Desiring a property with upscale amenities and finishes to attract discerning tenants.


In response to our client's criteria, we identified an ideal solution – a high-quality off-the-plan apartment located in the heart of the Norwest semi-urban business hub.

Property Highlights:

Prime Location: Situated in the Norwest business hub, directly opposite a lake, and within a 5 minute walk to the metro station and major office towers.

Turnkey Furnishings: The apartment came fully furnished with all appliances, offering convenience for both the investor and potential tenants.

High-Quality Finishes: With features such as floor-to-ceiling tiles in bathrooms, stone benchtops and wooden floors, the property exuded luxury and modernity, appealing to discerning renters.

Amenities for Tenants: The property boasted amenities like electronic vehicle charging facilities, a community garden, and co-working spaces, enhancing its attractiveness to prospective tenants.

Off-the-Plan Investment: Investing in an off-the-plan apartment offered the potential for early capital appreciation and tax benefits, aligning with the client's investment strategy.


By leveraging our expertise and market insights, we were able to present a high-quality property which addressed each of this investor’s needs, while generating $300,000 in equity prior to settlement.

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