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Client Profile:

The client, a retiree seeking to simplify his lifestyle without compromising on comfort or elegance, approached our real estate agency with the intention to downsize his home. He desired a convenient, low-maintenance dwelling that retained spaciousness and sophistication.

Client Objectives:

Downsizing: The client aimed to transition from a larger residence to a more manageable living space.

Convenience: Seeking a location that offered ease of access to amenities and transportation.

Luxury: Desiring upscale finishes and features that reflected his refined taste.

Low Maintenance: Prioritizing a residence that required minimal upkeep.


After conducting thorough market research and understanding the client's preferences, we identified a perfect solution – a luxury penthouse apartment situated in a serene suburban enclave adjacent to a newly established metro station.

Property Highlights:

Luxury Finishes: The penthouse boasted high-end finishes throughout, reflecting the client's penchant for elegance and sophistication.

Private Elevators: Interior private elevators provided exclusive access to the penthouse, ensuring privacy and convenience.

Rooftop Amenities: A standout feature of the property was the rooftop hot tub, offering a serene retreat with panoramic views.

Spacious Layout: With an expansive 250 square meters floor plan, the penthouse offered ample space for comfortable living while maintaining the desired downsized lifestyle.

Prime Location: Located in a tranquil suburban pocket, the penthouse provided peace and quiet while being directly adjacent to a new metro station, ensuring seamless connectivity to urban amenities.


The client was thrilled with the proposed solution, which perfectly aligned with his vision of downsized luxury living. Best of all, he saved $300,000 on the listed price by using our buyers agency services.

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