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Client Profile:

Our client, a seasoned investor with substantial equity and capital resources, sought a lucrative project to enhance her net worth. With a strategic mindset and a desire for substantial returns, she aimed to manufacture equity through property development.

Client Objectives:

Equity Advancement: Seeking a project that would generate significant equity and increase her net worth.

High-End Development: Interested in building a luxury home in a prestigious area to attract high-net-worth individuals.

Location Selection: Preferring a coveted location with strong lifestyle amenities, transportation connections, and appeal to affluent households.

Efficient Project Execution: Desiring a streamlined process from feasibility analysis to construction, ensuring timely completion and profitability.


Recognizing the client's objectives, we identified an opportunity for a high-end property development in Castle Hill, a sought-after area in Sydney known for its desirable lifestyle, transportation links, and proximity to business districts.

Project Highlights:

Location Selection: Castle Hill was chosen for its favorable mix of lifestyle factors, public transport connections, quality schools, and convenient commute to Sydney's business districts.

Market Demand: The area appealed to high-income families, yet the market lacked modern, high-end homes to meet their lifestyle aspirations, presenting a lucrative opportunity for our client.

Feasibility Analysis: We conducted a thorough feasibility analysis to ensure the viability of the project, identifying and mitigating potential technical obstacles.

Project Scope: Assisted the client in defining the project scope and facilitated negotiations for design and construction services to create an efficient turn-key solution.

Strategic Settlement: Negotiated a 12-month settlement period, allowing the client ample time for due diligence, project planning, and securing necessary approvals without the pressure of mortgage repayments.

Timely Approvals: Upon settlement, the client promptly submitted the development application (DA), which was approved within three months, enabling swift commencement of demolition and construction.


With an anticipated eight-month construction timeline, the client expects to realize a profit of $1.4 million within a 24-month period, demonstrating the project's lucrative potential.

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