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Client Profile:

Our client, busy business owner, sought an aspirational acreage property to enhance his net worth and lifestyle. With a strategic mindset and a desire for substantial returns, he aimed to minimize his capital outlay and ongoing costs while developing his dream home.

Client Objectives:

Equity Advancement: Seeking a project that would generate significant equity and increase his net worth.

Lifestyle Acreage Home: Interested in building a lavish, dream home on an acreage property to fulfil his personal lifestyle aspirations.

Cashflow Generation: Desiring the ability to retain and rent out existing dwellings on the property to supplement his cashflow.

Efficient Project Execution: Seeking a streamlined process from property acquisition to home construction, ensuring timely completion and profitability.


Recognizing the client's objectives, we identified an opportunity for an acreage property with two existing dwellings in a picturesque and rapidly gentrifying rural pocket.

Project Highlights:

Location Selection: The 6-acre property, complete with a private lake, was situated in a desirable rural location with a wide street frontage, conducive to the development of a future lavish home.

Existing Dwellings: The property included two existing, excellently renovated dwellings, allowing the client to retain and rent out one residence to generate cashflow.

Strategic Acquisition: The client purchased the property for $3.07 million, with the anticipated cost of building the lifestyle home being $1.25 million.


With the completion of the new lifestyle home, the final property valuation is expected to be $6.5 million, demonstrating the lucrative potential of the project and enabling the client to realize a substantial profit of $2.18 million uplift upon completion.

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