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Client Profile:

in 2020, we recognized the challenges faced by first home buyers in the competitive Sydney property market. With prices escalating rapidly and affordable options in short supply, these buyers often found themselves at a disadvantage. Seeking to level the playing field, we embarked on a mission to create a streamlined and affordable solution tailored to their needs.

Client Objectives:

Affordable Homeownership: Providing first home buyers with access to quality housing at affordable prices.

Government Benefits: Maximizing access to government grants, concessions, and low-deposit loans to ease financial burden.

High-Quality Properties: Delivering superior quality homes while keeping costs manageable for inexperienced buyers.

Equity Growth: Offering opportunities for equity growth and wealth accumulation through strategic property investment.


In response to the challenges faced by first home buyers, we designed a comprehensive solution that addressed their needs and aspirations. Leveraging our expertise and industry connections, we devised a strategy to unlock affordable homeownership opportunities in the burgeoning estate of Box Hill.

Project Highlights:

Market Research: Conducted thorough market research to identify emerging opportunities and evaluate future growth potential in Box Hill.

Developer Negotiation: Negotiated a significant discount on a large number of lots within a premium upcoming estate, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

Partnership with Builder: Teamed up with a reputable builder to deliver double-storey, 4-bedroom homes built to superior specifications at a competitive price point, offering a 20% discount compared to market rates.

Government Benefits: Designed house and land packages to meet all criteria for NSW government first home buyer grants, concessions, and low-deposit loans, putting an extra $75,000 into the pockets of our clients.

Low Deposit: Clients were able to use just a 5% deposit to secure the land, and a further 5% deposit to begin home construction.

Extended Settlement: Our extended 12-month settlement allowed our clients to delay their first mortgage repayment – while watching their land double in value!

Leverage Equity: Many clients only had a small deposit. They were able to withdraw equity from their land upon settlement to fund their construction deposit.


This case study exemplifies how strategic planning and proactive intervention can empower first home buyers to overcome market challenges and achieve their homeownership dreams.

By carefully aligning all the right elements, these clients were able to take advantage of $75,000 in government grants and concessions, saved a further $150,000 on the price of their home building package and saw their land increase by $350,000 in value. Overall, these clients profited over $500,000 on their first home within 2 years.

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