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Our Exclusive Opportunities

Below are just some of the investment opportunities currently available to our network.

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Hydra -  Castle Hill, NSW

A hand picked selection of 1 and 2 bedroom units within Castle Hill’s premier high rise residential development is available exclusively to our clients at market beating prices.

A highly sought after location, strong demographics and excellent tax benefits make for a great all-round investment.

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Hills of Carmel - Box Hill, NSW

We have negotiated up-market homes at a discount with discerning first home buyers or upsizers in mind.

Located within a master planned community adjacent to an upcoming business precinct this is a great lifestyle move or investment.

The first two releases have fully sold out. Enquire about our waiting list for the next release.

< $1.2M
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Past Deals & Case Studies

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Affordable First Homes – Box Hill, NSW

We negotiated a bulk deal on new house and land packages for first home buyers, giving them $75,000 in government benefits and generating $500,000 in net worth at settlement.

Purchase Price
Market Value
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Potential and Lake Views - Kenthurst, NSW

Our client was looking for an idyllic parcel of land to build their future dream home.

Purchase Price
Below Market Value
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Dream Home - Glenhaven, NSW

Our client was seeking a private, secluded acreage within The Hills District. Wealth 360 Degrees located and negotiated an ideal property within budget. This included an extended 12-month settlement and early access for renovations prior to occupancy.

Purchase Price
Below Market Value
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Luxury Home - Glenhaven, NSW

Our client was looking to upsize to a luxury family home. We secured a 750m2 parcel of land and custom luxury construction costing just $1.9M with a retail market value of $3.5M.

Purchase Price
Below Market Value
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58 Terry Rd - Box Hill, NSW

In late 2019, Wealth 360° negotiated a parcel of land in Box Hill for a subdivision into 36 lots. We coordinated a discounted construction cost on behalf of our clients. This result was a house and land package costing from $550,000 with a market value of $820,000 +

Lots Sold
24 Hours
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Buyer's Agent Sydney - Property Investments

If you’ve ever thought about buying investment property in Sydney, it’s never too late to get started. Still, there’s a lot to consider before you dive into property investment. So, you’ll want to make sure you’re up for the challenge. 

Here, we’re exploring why you should invest in property, what you need to consider before getting started and how our buyer’s agents at Wealth 360° can help.

The three main reasons to purchase an investment property in Sydney is to build wealth, improve your community and give back to others.

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Build Wealth

First, an investment property in Sydney helps you build wealth. Not only does an investment property mean you’ll have a solid asset in your portfolio, but when you have tenants renting out your property, you’re making money in the meantime—even if you’ve still got a mortgage. 

Of course, you can also make money when you go to sell your investment property at a profit when the market is right, paving the way for you to invest in even more properties. And while many people see the home they live in as an asset, it’s actually a liability because you aren’t making any money off it. An investment property, on the other hand, makes money for you.

So, instead of trading time for money or very slowly paying off your mortgage on a single home, investment property in Sydney could be making money on your behalf. In short, investing in property is truly one of the best ways you can protect your money and actually build wealth for you and your family.

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Improve Your Community

Next, investing in property helps to improve your community, especially if you decide to go with a house and land package where you’re building a property from the ground up, or if you decide to renovate an older property with upgraded features. 

When you build new Sydney homes, you’re giving others the opportunity to move into a brand new home while increasing the value of the other homes on that street or block. The same goes for fully renovating your investment property in Sydney.
Instead of an empty block of land or run-down property, both new builds and renovations increase the value of the area and encourage people to move in. 

From there, you’ll be giving the community a better chance of getting new schools, community centres, cafes, shopping centres and other amenities that make suburbs vibrant and liveable. 

It also encourages other property investors to invest in the area, keeping the cycle of progress and development moving.
So, when you purchase investment property Sydney-wide, you’re truly able to do your part in transforming Sydney suburbs, turning run-down neighbourhoods into affluent places to live.

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Give Back

Last but certainly not least, investing in property allows you to give back in a variety of ways. 

As you build wealth through property investment, you’re able to first and foremost, give back to your family. Perhaps your financial stability can help out a sibling going through a rough time or can send your child to expensive ballet classes.

You’ll also be building a legacy for your children and family members that can be passed down to them even after you’re gone. 
From there, you’ll have the flexibility to give back to charities you believe in and support non-profits in important ways. You might even be able to volunteer some of your time since your investment property in Sydney is making money for you.

And again, you’ll be giving back to your community at large, simply by taking the risk to buy an investment property and create a beautiful place for your tenants to live. 
In other words, building wealth is far from selfish. There are risks involved but the payoff can be huge. And as you build wealth, you’re not only protecting your loved ones but you’re also freeing yourself from the rat race, enabling you to pay it forward and give back where it counts.

A Guide to Property Investment in Sydney

Once you know why you’re interested in buying investment property in Sydney, it’s time to figure out where exactly to start. In this quick guide to property investment, we’ll go through what’s involved, how to do research and ways our buyer’s agents at Wealth 360° can help.

Feel free to contact our team to schedule a consultation.

I. Understand What’s Involved

Before you start actively investing in property, it’s important to understand what’s involved in the process. Of course, you won’t be able to foresee every potential scenario, but you can get an idea of what to expect in terms of the time, money and effort involved.


When it comes to how long it might take to find and secure an investment property in Sydney, realise that the process could take months or even years. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to investing like council regulations, legal obligations, supply chains and more.

So, when it comes to time management, it’s usually best to overestimate how long the process will take from start to finish.


In terms of money, you’ll also want to overestimate your budget. While you can work with expert buyer’s agents to help you avoid hidden fees and bad investments, there’s usually something that comes up financially that buyers don’t expect.

Especially in an expensive city like Sydney, the financial side of investing in property is definitely something you’ll want to take seriously.

Whether it’s a burst pipe or you get outbid in an auction, there are many ways your money might not go as far as you think. So, as with any big purchase, it’s generally a good idea to overestimate your budget.


Another aspect of property investment that’s often overlooked by buyers is the amount of effort involved.
It takes effort to understand the property market, get your financials in order, search for a property that meets your requirements, participate in negotiations and stay patient throughout the process.

Of course, when you hire a buyer’s agent there’s a lot less effort you’ll have to go through, but it can still be quite taxing emotionally no matter what.

But, especially if you’re opting for a DIY approach to buying investment property Sydney-wide, definitely don’t underestimate how much effort is involved.

2. Do Your Research

Next, once you understand a bit more about what you’re getting into when you invest in Sydney property, you’ll want to start doing your research as you get serious about your investment journey.

While there’s lots of research you can do, including market research and studying property trends, it’s usually best to leave the more nuanced aspects to experts. But, in the meantime, it’s still a good idea to do some of your own research on suburbs, prices and buyer’s agents.


Research the suburbs in Sydney that you may be interested in investing in. The best suburbs for an investment property in Sydney are those with a solid council in charge and where you’ll be able to charge relatively high rent prices.

In other words, you’ll want to be able to charge enough rent to make your investment lucrative while still getting a good deal on the property as a whole. Plus, you’ll also be looking for up and coming areas with a robust council.

We’ll talk more about some of the best suburbs for an investment property in Sydney below.


Next, you’ll want to get a feel for the average housing prices in each suburb that you research. After a few months of looking, you’ll start to notice some patterns.

Are the property prices going up? Or do they seem to be going down? Which properties are on the market for ages? Which go to auction? Which ones seem to sell within days?

Understanding the pricing of certain properties in certain suburbs can help you get an idea of how much you should have in your budget and what’s reasonable to spend on a property in that area.

However, in many cases, working with a buyer’s agent to really understand what’s a good deal and what’s not is often essential.

Buyer's Agents

For expert advice and a wealth of knowledge about investment property Sydney-wide, a quality buyer’s agent can help to fortify your portfolio and take the guesswork out of investing.

But, not all buyer’s agents are created equal. You’ll want to do your research into potential buyer’s agents based on their past contracts and experience levels. Then, you’ll want to book a consultation and make sure it’s a good fit personality-wise.

After all, with many big decisions to come, you’ll want to make sure you and your buyer’s agent share the same values and are on the same page. So, be sure to do a fair bit of research on buyer’s agents instead of choosing the first one you come across.

Top 4 Suburbs in Sydney for Property Investments

While Sydney as a whole is an undeniably great place to live and invest, the Hills Shire and a few other suburbs are particularly investment-worthy. 

One main reason is that the Hills Shire Council is extremely well-managed and has been debt-free since 2002, operating with a surplus of $85M and zero backlogs of infrastructure projects. 

This makes the Hills Shire an amazing place to buy an investment property in Sydney as the council and public facilities are in excellent shape with plenty of wiggle room to maintain the same high level of support in the future, providing an attractive community lifestyle for residents. 

The Hills Shire is located in Sydney’s northwest and contains a handful of suburbs that make up some of the top locations to invest in Sydney including Castle Hill, Rouse Hill, Box Hill and Kellyville.

Castle Hill

castle hill property investment

Castle Hill is located in the southeastern part of the Hills Shire Council area. It spreads across 16.68 square kilometres and is mostly home to couples without children and small families living in standalone houses. However, Castle Hill offers a fair amount of medium and high-density dwellings as well. 

  • Population: 36,399
  • Population Density: 2,178 people per square km
  • Households of Couples with Children: 49.7%
  • Average Mortgage Payment: $2,600 per month
  • Average Mortgage Payment: $2,600 per month

Rouse Hill

Rouse Hill is located in the western part of the Hills Shire Council area. It’s a small suburb, spreading across 6.41 square kilometres and is mostly home to small families living in standalone houses. However, Rouse Hill also offers some medium-density dwellings as well. 

  • Population: 9,090
  • Population Density: 1,419 people per square km
  • Households of Couples with Children: 62.2%
  • Average Mortgage Payment: $2,600 per month
  • Average Rental Price: $550-649 per week

Box Hill

Box Hill is located in the western part of the Hills Shire Council area. It spreads across 14.97 square kilometres and is mostly home to small families and couples without children living in standalone houses. 

In fact, Box Hill currently has only standalone houses with no medium or high-density dwellings in the area.

  • Population: 4,687
  • Population Density: 313.2 people per square km
  • Households of Couples with Children: 43%
  • Average Mortgage Payment: $2,600 per month
  • Average Rental Price: $450-549 per week


Kellyville is located in the southeastern part of the Hills Shire Council area. It spreads across 9.38 square kilometres and is mostly home to small families living in standalone houses with some medium and high-density dwellings in the area as well.

  • Population: 26,719
  • Population Density: 2,848 people per square km
  • Households of Couples with Children: 61.9%
  • Average Mortgage Payment: $2,600 per month
  • Average Rental Price: $550-649 per week

How Wealth 360° Can Help

Wealth 360° can help you buy investment property Sydney-wide, whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced buyer. Our buyer’s agents are truly experts in their field and find deals for our clients that may even seem too good to be true.

Feel free to contact our team to schedule a consultation.

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent advocates on the buyer’s behalf to source, select and buy property. Sydney buyer’s agents work with clients who might be looking to buy their first home, their forever home or an investment property in Sydney.

Their understanding of the property market and years of experience can help buyers make better decisions and most would agree that buyer’s agents make a huge difference in the success of a property investment, in particular.

Benefits of Buyer’s Agents

Save Money

First of all, buyer’s agents can save you money. While you may assume that avoiding buyer’s agent fees and doing it all yourself is the best way to save money, buyer’s agents more often than not use their expertise to find better deals and often save more money than they cost.

In other words, it’s important to think beyond the upfront “savings” of foregoing a buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agents are expert negotiators and know where to find hidden gems that you won’t have access to without them.
Long story short, buyer’s agents are amazing at saving clients’ money, and sometimes even making money for their clients.

Save Money

If you have any experience buying investment property in Sydney, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right. Especially if you’re planning on a DIY approach, expect the journey to become a full-time job.

Instead, buyer’s agents do all the legwork for you by sourcing properties, dealing with the contracts, negotiating prices and more. All you have to do is check-in along the way and make the important final decisions.

So, if you want to save time (and remember, time is money), you’ll definitely want to work with an experienced buyer’s agent to help you buy investment property in Sydney.

Experience and Expertise

While some people are able to DIY their property investment strategy, it takes years and years to cultivate the expertise and experience you need to truly know what you’re doing.

Buyer’s agents study the market and work with real estate agents, property lawyers, contractors and councils day in and day out. They have intrinsic knowledge of the property landscape that’s impossible to get on your own.

The Wealth 360° Difference

Wealth 360° stands out from other buyer’s agencies for two main reasons -- we always give back and we’re in it for the right reasons.

Every year, we donate generously to various non-profit organisations to pay it forward and share our good fortune.
Not only do we believe that the work we do to help others to invest in their communities and invigorate suburbs all around Sydney, but we also are passionate about helping people build lasting wealth for their families for generations to come.

In short, Wealth 360° is in it for the right reasons. While some promote this idea that the main reason you should buy investment property in Sydney is to get rich, we’re in this business for a deeper purpose -- to strengthen families and communities through wealth creation.

Interested in buying your first investment property in Sydney? Looking to build upon you’re growing property portfolio?


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